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PEPL Plasma Calculator


Plasma Density (#/m3)
Electron Temperature (K)
Ion Temperature (K)
Magnetic Field (T)
Characteristic Length (m)


Plasma Frequency (rad/s)
Debye Length (m)
Alfven Velocity (m/s)
Ion Acoustic Velocity (m/s)


Electron Cyclotron Frequency (rad/s)
Electron Collision Frequency (rad/s)
Electron Thermal Velocity (m/s)
Electron Larmor Radius (m)
Electron Mean Free Path (m)


Ion Cyclotron Frequency (rad/s)
Ion Collision Frequency (rad/s)
Ion Thermal Velocity (m/s)
Ion Larmor Radius (m)
Ion Mean Free Path (m)

Non-dimensional Parameters

Electron Hall Parameter
Ion Hall Parameter
Electron Collisional Knudsen Number
Ion Collisional Knudsen Number
Plasma Beta

Based on space is the place calculator.

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