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B-dot Probe

A series of loops placed within a time-varying magnetic field that produce a voltage which is directly proportional to dB/dt (or ,"B-dot").

Above: Schematic of a B-dot probe within a time-varying magnetic field.

Above: An ExB calibration device used to calibrate B-dot probes. Electrically biased parallel plates establish a steady electric field while a broadband power amplifier supplies an oscillation drive current to the pair of Helmholtz coils that estabilsh an oscillating magnetic field.

The B-dot probe is a diagnostic used to measuring a time-varying magnetic field. Typical plasma discharges that make use of the B-dot probe techniques include pulsed and inductive plasmas. The basic principle behind the B-dot probe is the idea that a time varying field induces a current in a conducting coil. The output voltage from the coil is proportional to the cross-sectional area, number of turns in the coil and time characteristic of the magnetic field. Integration of the B-dot probe output voltage electronically or numerically (either in the time or frequency3 domain) can yield instaneous magnetic field values, B(t).

Above-left: Closeup photograph of internal 3-axis magnetic field B-dot probe. Above-center: series of B-dot probes and physical scale. Above-right: Series of B-dot probes installed in the XOCOT device. (From ref. 4)


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