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Electron Beam Gun

Measures electric fields, heavy particle velocities and electron collision cross-sections.

Figure 1. Upper: An electron colliding with an ion. Lower: An electron deflected by an electric field.

The electron beam gun accelerates electrons to energies adjustable between 600 and 30,000 V. By shooting the beam through a gas or plasma plume, heavy particle velocities and electron collision cross-sections can be inferred. The gun can also be used to measure electric fields in a discharge by observing the deflection of the electron beam of known energy.


Selected Relevant Publications

  1. Wetzel, R. C., et al., "Absolute Cross Sections for Electron-Impact Ionization of the Rare-Gas Atoms by the Fast-Neutral-Beam Method," Physical Review A, Vol. 35, No. 2, Jan. 15, 1987, pp. 559-577.
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