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PEPL Thrusters: HHT

Above: Photo of the HHT prior operating with 150-V, 23-A, and 740-W RF power discharge settings inside PEPL's LVTF.

Above: Photo of the HHT prior operating with a RF power only discharge inside PEPL's LVTF.

Above: Photo of the HHT prior to operation.

Above: Video of EDA's HHT operating inside the LVTF.

Selected Relevant Publications

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  2. Rafael A. Martinez, Andrew Hoskins, Peter Y. Peterson, and Dean Massey, "Development Status of the Helicon Hall Thruster," IEPC-2009-120, Presented at the 31st International Electric Propulsion Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, September 20-24, 2009.
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