We regularly share our research at conferences and in peer-reviewed journals. Our archive of these publications as well as doctoral dissertations is searchable by type, title, and year.

  • The Effect of an Auxiliary Discharge on Anode Sheath Potentials in a Transverse Discharge

    Foster, J. E., and Gallimore, A. D.

    Journal of Applied Physics, 3422-3432, April 1997

  • Near and Far-Field Plume Studies of a 1 kW Arcjet

    Gallimore A. D., Kim, S. W., King, L. B., Foster, J. E., and Gulczinski III, F. S.

    Journal of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 12, No. 1, 105-111, Jan.-Feb., 1996

  • An Investigation into the Role that a Transverse Magnetic Field Plays in the Formation of Large Anode Sheath Potentials

    Foster, J. E., and Gallimore, A. D.

    Physics of Plasmas, 3 (11), 4239-4249, Nov. 1996

  • Non-intrusive Electron Number Density Measurements in the Plume of a 1 kW Arcjet Using a Modern Microwave Interferometer

    Ohler, S. G., Gilchrist, B. E., and Gallimore, A. D.

    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol. 23, No. 3, 428-435, June, 1995

  • Very-Near-Field Plume Study of a 1.35 kW SPT-100