We’ve put together several short, informative, and often entertaining videos about our research topics for a non-engineering audience. We invite you to take a look at all of them and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Madison Allen: An Introduction to Facility Effects in Hall Thruster Testing

Sal Baldinucci: Introduction to ECR Magnetic Nozzle Thrusters

Zach Brown: Instabilities in Hall thruster plasmas

Matt Byrne: Crazy Matt’s Discount Erosion Predictions!

Tate Gill: The Electron Merry-go-Round

Will Hurley: High Power Hall Thrusters

Thomas Marks: How Hall Thrusters Work (and Why We Can’t Simulate Them)

Parker Roberts: Non-Perturbative Laser Diagnostics for Hall Thruster Transport Physics

Chris Sercel: Inductively Mapping the Rotating Magnetic Field Thruster

Leanne Su: BREAKING NEWS! Xenon is CANCELLED! The Future is KRYPTON!

Collin Whittaker: Scaling Electrosprays through Reduced-fidelity Models, Robust Design, & Resilient Architectures