We had a number of papers at this year’s AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum

Benjamin Jorns, Thomas Marks and Ethan Dale:  “A Predictive Hall Thruster Model Enabled by Data-Driven Closure”

Christopher Sercel, Joshua Woods, Tate Gill and Benjamin Jorns: “Impact of Flux Conservers on Performance of Inductively Driven Pulsed Plasmoid Thrusters”

Collin Whittaker, Alex Gorodetsky, and Benjamin Jorns: “Quantifying Uncertainty in the Scaling Laws of Porous Electrospray Emitters”

Ethan Dale and Benjamin Jorns: “Non-Invasive Near-Wall Ion Measurements in a Hall Thruster”

Joshua Woods, Christopher Sercel, Tate Gill and Benjamin Jorns: “Performance Measurements of a 60 kW Field-reversed Configuration Thruster”

Leanne Su, Alex Vaszonyi, and Benjamin Jorns: “Performance of a 9-kW Magnetically-Shielded Hall Thruster with Krypton”

Shadrach Hepner and Benjamin Jorns: “The role of low frequency drift waves in driving non-classical transport in magnetic nozzles”

Thomas Marks, Alejandro Lopez Ortega, Ioannis Mikellides, and Benjamin Jorns: “Hall2De Simulations of a Magnetic Nozzle”