We had a number of papers at the 2023 AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition:

Leanne L. Su, Tate M. Gill, Parker J. Roberts, William J. Hurley, Thomas A. Marks, Christopher L. Sercel, Madison G. Allen, Collin B. Whittacker, Mathew P. Byrne, Zachariah B. Brown, Eric Viges, and Benjamin A. Jorns, “Operation and Performance of a Magnetically Shielded Hall thruster at Ultrahigh Current Densities on Xenon and Krypton“, SciTech 2023, https://pepl.engin.umich.edu/pdf/SciTech_2023_UM.pdf, January 2023

William J. Hurley, Thomas A. Marks, and Benjamin A. Jorns, “Design of an Air-Core Magnet Circuit for a Hall Thruster“, SciTech 2023, https://pepl.engin.umich.edu/pdf/SciTech_2023_Hurley.pdf, January 2023

Tate M. Gill, Christopher L. Sercel, and Benjamin A. Jorns, “Simulations of Alternative Propellants for Inductive Pulsed Plasma Thrusters“, SciTech 2023, https://pepl.engin.umich.edu/pdf/SciTech_2023_Gill.pdf, January 2023

Collin B. Whittaker and Benjamin A. Jorns, “Electrospray Emitter Geometry Characterization through Surface Profilometry and Parameter Estimation“, SciTech 2023, https://pepl.engin.umich.edu/pdf/SciTech_2023_Whittaker.pdf, January 2023

Parker J. Roberts, Zachariah Brown, and Benjamin A. Jorns, “Non-Invasive Charachterization of Electron Mach Number in a Hollow Cathode with Incoherent Thomson Scattering“, SciTech 2023, https://pepl.engin.umich.edu/pdf/SciTech_2023_Roberts.pdf, January 2023

Christopher L. Sercel, Tate M. Gill, and Benjamin A. Jorns, “Performance Predictions for Continuous Wave Mode Operation of a Rotating Magnetic Field Thruster“, SciTech 2023, https://pepl.engin.umich.edu/pdf/SciTech_2023_Sercel.pdf, January 2023

Thomas A. Marks, and Benjamin A. Jorns, “Evaluation of several first-principles closure models for Hall thruster anomalous transport“, SciTech 2023, https://pepl.engin.umich.edu/pdf/SciTech_2023_Marks.pdf, January 2023