We had a number of papers at this year’s AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum

Zachariah A. Brown and Benjamin A. Jorns:  “Experimental measurements of the contribution of plasma turbulence to anomalous collision frequency in a Hall thruster

Alex A. Gorodetsky, Collin B. Whittaker, Audelia Szulman, and Benjamin Jorns: “Robust design of electrospray emitters”

Shadrach Hepner and Benjamin A. Jorns: “Anomalous electron thermal conductivity in a magnetic nozzle”

Thomas A. Marks, Alejandro Lopez Ortega, Ioannis G. Mikellides, and Benjamin A. Jorns: “Self-consistent implementation of a zero-equation transport model into a predictive model for a Hall effect thruster”

Christopher L. Sercel, Joshua M. Woods, Tate M. Gill, and Benjamin A. Jorns : “Performance Measurements of a 5 kW-Class Rotating Magnetic Field Thruster”

Leanne L. Su and Benjamin A. Jorns: “Performance at high current densities of a magnetically-shielded Hall thruster”

Benjamin N. Wachs and Benjamin A. Jorns: “Optimization of an ECR thruster using single, two-frequency, and pulsed waveforms”

Joshua M. Woods, Christopher L. Sercel, Tate Gill and Benjamin Jorns: “Equivalent Circuit Model for a Rotating Magnetic Field Thruster”